Music in a Comprehensive Learning Environment

Bonduris Music has been serving Denton and the North Texas Community for over three decades. Thad Bonduris and his instructors teach a wide variety of instruments and styles using methods that encourage musicians and focus on enjoyment for everyone involved.

Why choose Bonduris Music?

What makes for the best music education experience? There are many factors to consider. At Bonduris Music, we offer services from a wide range of talented individuals who work together to offer our students a broad spectrum of learning. Here are a handful of assets that Bonduris Music excels in.

Best Instructors

Our diverse group of instructors are committed to teaching and bolstering confidence. Our instructors are performers, too, sharing knowledge and experience, paying forward the best way to grow musically for individuals, ensembles, and for our community.

Emphasis on Experience

We believe that the best way to learn is through exposure. We have regular performances, we offer solo and ensemble coaching, we provide a studio for recording and mastering music digitally.

Flexible Hours

Bonduris Music is available throughout the week to meet the requirements of a busy schedule. We do everything we can to insure you are able to make lesson times and offer options for make-up lessons in the event of scheduling emergencies.

Word of Mouth

Bonduris Music has been in the music education business for a long time. We have built solid relationships over the years and as the good word spreads, so does the solidity of what we are known for.

What’s Happening at Bonduris Music?

We are always planning events at Bonduris Music. Here are a few of the latest plans for upcoming events or recently held events from our community of leaders in the world of music. Stay posted as these events change, new opportunities for getting involved and enhancing your own musical experience.

Highly skilled instructors making music fun for all students and their families.